Raining Up - New album by LOTD fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt


"Raining Up" is mainly instrumental, with one vocal track. It has a strong leaning towards Irish and Scottish music and there are some newly composed tracks that have a slightly Latin feel and have string arrangements.

Recording began in October 2000 and took about three months to complete.  Manus Lunny produced six of the tracks, and Colm Ó Foghlú five, of which he composed four. On the album, Máiréad is joined in part by her two brothers, Séan and Karl, her mother Kathleen and her sister Frances.  Her sister-in-law Caroline did the artwork and design.

Máiréad started playing at an early age, beginning with the piano at age 4 and fiddle at 6, playing both traditional Irish and classical music. She continued her studies at Waterford, Cork and London with the fiddle and piano, studying mainly classical music. She participated in the original soundtrack of Riverdance and, as everyone knows, has since starred in Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames.

Somewhat less widely known presumably, are her other activities, carried out as time permits, among them:

- she toured Japan twice with the band "Coolfin", playing with the famous Kodo Drummers.

- she participated in two TV instalments of "Sult".

- she did a program with her family in the TV series "Geantrai".

- she recently did a programme for the TV series "Tacsi".

- and she has recorded her new album "Raining Up".

"Raining Up" conveys to an extent some of the different styles that Máiréad has been involved with, and may be expected to include something for everyone!

Máiréad's mother Kathleen has also been busy with her own project, a fiddle tutor of Irish traditional music.  It's called "fidil", consists of a book and a double CD, and will be released at about the same time as "Raining Up".

Máiréad's album will be available on the Internet through


and at record stores, too.


Text by Bruce Somers

Order Máiréad's CD on the Internet

Máiréad Nesbitt's new CD can be ordered via www.hmv.co.uk. Just look for "Nesbitt".

Or check out the German Amazon.de:

Máiréad Nesbitt -
Raining Up

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