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Gaelforce Dance


Gaelforce Dance is, besides Lord of the Dance (LOTD) and Riverdance (RD), one of the most successful shows. Gaelforce Dance has, unlike other shows, already changed a lot. The show originally is from Australia, where producer Michael Durkan has started it as a small cabaret show, in which he himself told stories and performed together with other Irish musicians. Already at the beginning it incorporated some Irish Dancing. After the huge success of Riverdance and the growing interest in Irish Dance Shows, it was decided to concentrate on the dancing and - also unlike other shows - provide a real storyline.

Since the international premiere in New Zealand the show and also the story changed a lot - and this development hasn´t stopped yet. The creative Team Richard Griffin (choreographer) and Colm Ó Foghlú (composer/musician) are constantly working on changes. I´ve seen Gaelforce 5 times so far, and EVERY show has been different, even if there were only a few days between each show. This is possible because Gaelforce does not use any pre-recorded music or taps - again, unlike other shows. It is also possible because Gaelforce Dance has an outstanding sound engineer.

But let´s not forget the great dancers who helped to make the show the success it is. Timmy Manners from Australia (Lorcan, photo on the left) and Clare Casey from Canada (Aisling) are two superb dancers who have already won several titles [Note: Clare has recently left Gaelforce dance. I do not know who´s now dancing the part of Aisling]. But the rest of the cast certainly doesn´t have to hide.

There is also a video, that can be purchased via the official website and before or after a performance. Unfortunately the video is not a high quality production like the videos of Lord of the Dance and Riverdance, but it is still very entertaining and certainly a MUST HAVE/SEE for fans of the show. But nothing can beat a live show! So go and see it if you have a chance!


Photos (c) Philipp Hayer and Gaelforce Dance


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