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Feet of Flames - World Tour
The European Leg 2000


Feet of Flames at Hyde Park was supposed to be Flatley's last show ever, but he just couldnīt stop: On the 21st of September 1999 he announced in a spectacular press conference, that on March 3rd 2000 he will launch a Feet of Flames tour and that he will be part of it.

The day of the premiere finally came and the surprise was quite big, since there have been quite a lot of changes compared to the original show at Hyde Park. There were a few new pieces and many of the numbers of the Original could be found, but were changed quite a lot (e.g. Stolen Kiss). The names of the main characters have changed, a new stage was designed and built and the main theme is Egyptian - something that has led to a lot of controversy amongst the fans: "What on earth has Irish Dance to do with Egypt?"

While some people were disappointed, others were enthusiastic about the show and just glad that Flatley was back on stage. One can imagine that new records were set during the Tour in 2000, like in Budapest with 100.000 excited people seeing the show! The finale of the tour was in Stormont (Belfast). The second leg of the tour has started in Greenville, SC on June 6, 2001.Check out the Celtic Cafe for all the tour dates.

A video or a CD for this show is not availble yet. At the end of the year 2000, "Gold" was released though, that Michael promoted in Germany in Febuary 2001. This video is basically a biography that shows all the different stages of his carrer as a dancer and also has many many clips from his time at the Chieftains and Riverdance, but also of the new show that was filmed in Budapest. Unfortunately it is only available as PAL video, that means it can be played on European VCRs only. It will be aired on a couple of US stations in March 2001 though (click here for more info)! So keep your eyes open, maybe it will be aired on a station that you receive as well.

FOF 2001 Victory Tour in the USA
The latest info about the running tour can be found HERE.


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