Celtic Life


Celtic Life - Irish Dance & Scottish Rhythm - is a brandnew Irish dance show. The cast is now complete and is rehersing for the premiere of the show, which will probably take place on the 26th of May in Haldensleben (Germany). Choreography and story are by Maria McAteer, who already won the All England and All Ireland Championships at the age of 16 and won a World title for her coreography one year later. Rachel Jackson will do the choreography for the modern dance parts of the show and the music is by the band Scapa Flow.

The following information on the storyline was taken from the official website:
"Once upon a time, when magic and the celtic gods still called the heart of Ireland their home, there lived a king called Eochaidh reigning over the kingdom of Tara. He was a very sad king as he knew that his wife Queen Etain did not love him.
One day a stranger, by the name Midir, came to the land of Tara and challenged the king. The battle beginns and the story continues..."


Date City Venue
27.10.01 Meuselwitz Schnaudertalhalle
28.10.01 Wittstock Stadthalle
29.10.01 Bad Segeberg Mehrzweckhalle
31.10.01 Aalen Stadthalle
02.11.01 Wiesloch Palatin
03.11.01 Korbach Stadthalle
04.11.01 Lauda Stadthalle
06.11.01 Ingolstadt Stadttheater

The official website is: http://www.celtic-life.de

More up-to-date info can be found on Ralf's website: http://www.irishdancer.de 

Picture used by kind permission of Celtic Life.

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