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July 2001 to December 2001

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News in November and December 2001

12/25/2001 I have got a new section on Rhythm of the Dance. Check it out HERE.
12/24/2001 There have been some changes to the LOTD troupes. T3 lost some dancers (among them are Declan Bucke, Catriona Hale) and the awesome Máiréad Nesbitt left LOTD T1. 
12/22/2001 wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
12/02/2001 Under the following link you´ll find a nice interview with Damien O'Kane, Lord of Troupe 1. Click here..
12/02/2001 Almost forgot that: Michael Flatley now has got his own official website.

Four new groups in the "amateur" dance groups section. Click here.

11/30/2001 Finally a few new LOTD troupe photos. Click here to view them.

Some new Celtic Life tourdates can be found HERE.

11/30/2001 Loads of new LOTD tourdates for Canada and the US. Check out the Celtic Cafe website!
11/30/2001 I´ve started a new section on Dancing on Dangerous Ground. Check it out here...



News in September and October 2001

10/26/2001 Some new Celtic Life Tourdates can be found HERE.

Two new groups can be found on the "amateur dance groups" page. I hope there will be many more in the future...


Máiréad's new CD is finally listed on the website of "vertical records".

09/19/2001 Máiréad Nesbitt's new CD can be ordered via Just look for "Nesbitt".
Still no sign of her or the CD on the website of "vertical records".
09/18/2001 Finally an Update!

After a longer period of time I had some time to update my website again. Here is a brief overview of the things that happened in the world of Irish Dance Shows:

Máiréad Nesbitt's new album: Unfortunately I haven´t got any new information on her new CD. I didn´t manage to get it yet. I´ll let you know as soon as I have some further information.

New Tourdates: There are some new tourdates for most of the Irish Dance Shows (LOTD, MOTD, Riverdance, etc.). The best source for reliable tourdates are still the Celtic Cafe Tourdates. Go and have a look!

"Amateur" Dance Groups: I often get emails from smaller dance groups, because they´d like a link to their website on my pages. Since my links page is already pretty overloaded, it´s hard to find the links to these groups - unfortunately, since some of those dance companies should be called "professional" rather than "amateur". That´s why I decided to create a new section that contains a list of some smaller groups, including brief descriptions and links to their homepages.

Click her to get to the new category.

Feet of Flames Nachbrenner: Um meine Seite über die FOF Victory Tour etwas abzurunden, habe ich eine Tourbericht von Jeannie Kaidy ins Netz gestellt. Dieser begeisterte Fan hat ALLE Shows in den USA gesehen und in diesem Bericht gibt sie ihre Eindrücke wieder - leider alles nur auf Englisch. Jeannies FOF Tour-Report.

Celtic Life: A couple of new tourdates can be found HERE.




News in July and August 2001

08/07/2001 Don´t forget! Máiréad Nesbitt's new CD will be release this moth. Click here, to find out more about it.
08/07/2001 Lord of the Dance Troupe 1 in France and Holland in 2002. Check out the Celtic Cafe Tourdates.
08/07/2001 News and a photo of Gillian Norris can be found here: Artikel Teil 1, Artikel Teil 2.

The FOF Victory Tour 2001 already ended a couple of days ago in Dallas, TX. Flatley said, he was retiring from dancing on stage now.

07/26/2001 Only THREE more days till the last FOF show in the USA. I have no info what will happen to the show after the end of the US Tour. Some T1 dancers have already returned to Europe.
07/12/2001 Gillian Norris (formerly LOTD T1) is back on stage. She dances in a new show called "Ragus Teo". A rather negative review including a photo of Gillian can be found HERE.
07/08/2001 LOTD fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt is about to release a new album called "Raining Up" on the 6th of August 2001. Click here to find out more about it.
07/08/2001 New LOTD wesbite design launched! Click here to check it out!

Riverdance cancels shows in Madrid

Due to a fire at the Palacio de los Deportes, Liffey Company company had to cancel its shows in Spain. Parts of the equipment, stage and costumes have been destroyed. According to producer Julian Erskine, the tour will be continued as scheduled in Cologne though. Riverdance will come back to Madrid ASAP, so that fans who were looking forward to the show can enjoy it. (Spanisch!)

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