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February 2001 to June 2001

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News in April, May and June 2001

06/07/2001 To get the latest info about the FOF "Victory Tour" in the USA, click here.
06/06/2001 The Feet of Flames USA Tour 2001 is going to start in Greenville, SC tonight.
There will obviously be some new stuff in the show again.
05/30/2001 From the official LOTD website:

Come and welcome Michael Flatley when he arrives at JFK on Wednesday May 30 at 6.45pm to begin the US Feet of Flames tour.

05/29/2001 Interview with Tanja Szewczenko - "Special Guest" in the Irish Dance production Magic of the Dance. Click here to read the interview.
05/07/2001 New LOTD T1 photos from Dresden, Germany. Click here to get to the gallery.
05/07/2001 First Celtic Life Tourdates! Click here.
04/23/2001 According to a posting in some of the Yahoo! Clubs, LOTD Troupe 3 will have itīs last show by the end of June this year. There is no information available on what is going to happen with T3 after June
04/22/2001 NEW IRISH DANCE SHOW! The website of Celtic Life just went online. Click here for some more information.
04/18/2001 Michael Flatley's "Gold" is available as Region 2 PAL DVD at Just click here to get there.
04/10/2001 The recorded MOTD webcast can still be viewed at their website.
04/08/2001 New photo gallery for LOTD in Munich! Click here to view it!
04/03/2001 Some of the FOF tourdates postet here earlier have changed. Check out the Celtic Cafe for the lastest tour info.
04/03/2001 Magic of the Dance will be webcasted on April 9, 2001 at 8pm CEST. Check out their website for further info.
Date News in February and March 2001
03/28/2001 was down for two days due to server problems of the company where it is hosted. Itīs now fully functional again.
03/20/2001 A Gathering List has been started on the Celtic Cafe website for the FOF show goers. Click here.
03/15/2001 The World Irish Dancing Championships (Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne) have been postponed due to the Foot & Mouth outbreak in the UK.
Click here for more information.
03/14/2001 More tour dates for FOF2000 were posted on the official LOTD Visitors Book (not official yet).

June 8, 9: Miami // June 12, 13: Atlanta //  June 15, 16, 17 : Chicago // June 19, 20: Detroit
June 21: Cleveland // June 23: Boston // June 25, 26: Philadelphia //  June 27: Washington DC
 June 29, 30; July 1: New York City //  July 10: Portland // July 11: Seattle // July 13, 14: Sacramento
July 15: San Jose // July 17, 18, 19: Los Angeles // July 21: Las Vegas // July 23: Phoenix //
July 26: Denver

Latest info also at the Celtic Cafe

03/11/2001 First confirmed tour date of the FOF tour in the USA (Philadelphia, June 25). Check out the Celtic Cafe for more info.
03/07/2001 The feature on Feet of Flames 2000 is available now. Click here.
03/07/2001 Flatley's new video "Gold" will be aired on several US TV stations in March 2001. It will be aired on the following stations:

March 8 / 8.30pm on KCWC, Wyoming
March 11 / 9pm 
on WPBA, Georgia
March 12 / 11:30 p.m on KOPB, Oregon
March 14 / 10pm on WETA, Washington D.C.
March 15 / 8pm
on WSKG,  New York (state)
March 15 / 8pm on KTOO, Alaska
March 17 / 9pm on WYES-TV, Louisiana
March 17 / 9pm on WPBA, Georgia
March 17 / 10.20pm on WTTW, Illinois

Check out the program of your local TV stations! This information was posted on the Celtic Cafe mailing list

03/05/2001 Magic of the Dance in Germany, November 2001. The latest Tour Dates at the
Celtic Cafe
03/05/2001 Lord of the Dance T1 will be back in Germany, November 2001. Check out the Celtic Cafe Tour Dates:
03/03/2001 Riverdance Shannon Company extends run until the end of July at the Gershwin theatre.
02/15/2001 Gaelforce Dance back in Germany, Winter 2001. Check out the Celtic Cafe Tour Dates:
02/08/2001 Magic of the Dance has a brandnew website! go to:
02/01/2001 goes online

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