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News in April 2004

04/06/2004 Just a little update:
added a gallery with photos of Breda Smyth, sister of Cora Smyth of LOTD T1. Click here.



Newsupdate of the 9th of November 2002

Lord of the Dance:
After having left Las Vegas, LOTD returned to this city again. At the moment, a LOTD troupe is fascinating audiences almost every day in the Showroom of The Venetian.

In the meantime, most people should know that there have been many changes in the cast of the troupes. Among those is Anne Buckley who has left Troupe 1 to concentrate on her own her solo carrer. She´s already started working on her first solo album. Good luck!

Relaunch of the official LOTD website and an official website on Feet of Flames:

LOTD at the Disney Resort Paris:
After having been at Disney World in Florida, LOTD is now guest at Disney in Paris. Troupe 1 will be there from the 17th of December this year, until the 5th of January next year. Tickets are already on sale!

Michael Flatley:
First of all I want to mention the completion of his personal website. He´s obviously working on several projects at the moment, including new shows.

Magic of the Dance:
The video and DVD of Magic of the Dance are now available at

Magic of the Dance (VHS)

Magic of the Dance (DVD - Region 2)

As usual there a loads of new tourdates on the pages of the Celtic Cafe:

Important change on this website:

Due to the immense amount of Spam Mail, that I get every day, I´ve tried to "hide" my mail adress from bots that search through the website. I´ve added some additional characters after the correct email address.

In order to send me an email, you´ll have to delete those characters after clicking onto the mailto Link.



News in May 2002

05/01/2002 After five years LOTD is finally returning to Australia. They´re goint to play at the Melbourne State Theatre from July the 18th until August the 4th.
05/01/2002 Máiréad Nesbitt and Anne Buckley (former LOTD fiddler and singer) have got two brandnew websites. They both look great and are certainly worth visiting. (Just click on their names to get there.)



News in January, Febuary and March 2002

03/28/2002 The German TV station N3 will air an "Irish evening" on the 29th of March at 8.15pm. Gaelforce Dance and Maíréad Nesbitt will also be there. The program can be received via the Astra Satellite in Europe.
03/28/2002 I´ve redone my newsarchive page. Since it got a bit big (which caused long download times), I´ve put "older news" on different pages

There are several new tour dates for various shows (including Riverdance, Gaelforce, LOTD and also Ragus). Especially LOTD T3 will extend its run at the NY NY in Las Vegas one more time. Check out the latest dates at the Celtic Cafe.

03/06/2002 According to Irish Dancing Magazine, Desmond Bailey and Kelly Hendry are going to marry. A date for the wedding has obviously already been set. They´re both going to stay with LOTD T1 for another year though.
03/04/2002 Finally an update - Some News

First of all there is a new dance show named Countess. There will be a single performance on March 13 in London. It tells the true story of the Countess Constance Markievicz. Tickets for the show can be ordered at the Broadway Theatre box office: 0208 690 0002. The Celtic Cafe has some further information on the show:
You can also check out the website of director Maíre Clerkin:

There are also lots of new tourdates of Lord of the Dance (especially North America), Riverdance and other dance shows. Alex Szabo (as usual) has put together the latest tourdates on the Celtic Cafe website.

A little comment re updates. I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, so there was hardly any time to update this website. I really would have liked to do some more work on it. I hope you´ll visit regularly anyway, since wonders still happen and I´ve updated the pages (like today). By the way, I´m going to see LOTD in April in Munich and I hope there will be many new photos for you to look at :o)

02/05/2002 A free Celtic inspired CD from Nova Scotia can be ordered here.

"Mike-roCosm" on the Celtic Cafe is now online. Check it out here.

01/28/2002 There will be a new section on the Celtic Cafe, called "Mike-roCosm". There is already a trailer available. Have a look at it.
01/28/2001 From the Celtic Cafe FLALTEY list: According to official sources T3 will end its run at the NYNY on June 1, 2002.
01/11/2002 .There is a nice interview with Joanne Doyle of Riverdance on the Celtic Cafe website. It can be found here.

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