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To avoid problems of any kind, I - as of the website www.irishdanceshows.de - would like to point out a few things.

Purpose of this website

I created this website to provide information for fans of the touring Irish Dance Shows. Since I am a fan myself and have already seen a couple of shows, I will publish some personal opinions and impressions of the shows as well as pictures that I have taken.


All the content (pictures, texts, etc.) and webdesign are copyrighted. For most of the content the copyright is owned be the . If this is not the case, credit to the owner will be given. Of course pictures can be saved and printed out on your private PC, if you want to use them on a homepage, please ask the for permission. Please also contact the if you think there are any problems with the copyright on this website..

Many of the graphics used are freeware and were created by Cari Buziak.
Animated Flags by 3D Flags.

Links to other pages

You will also find links to other websites on www.irishdanceshows.de. I DO NOT TAKE any responsibility for the content on those websites or their privacy policies, because I have no influence on the content of these sites.


If personal data of visitors of this website is made available to me (e.g. after sending me an email), this data will be used only by the and not be given and certainly not sold to third parties.


If you have any questions, ideas, complaints, etc., you can contact me via email: .

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